Together we cover the world 

In today's global marketplace, you need a logistics partner who can connect far-flung

suppliers, vendors and customers. One who spans continents, currencies and customs.

Nile Logistics & Trading (N.L.T) is that partner. 

Streamlines your supply chain 

Nile Logistics & Trading (N.L.T) streamlines your supply chain with a comprehensive suite of services. We combine and tailor these services to your specific needs, reducing costs and boosting your profit potential. Rely on N.L.T for innovative solutions that empower your business.  

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We create the perfect tailored solution for you

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Global Trade  

Our partnership... has helped defined global trade.

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  Service Innovation

Setting new benchmarks in service innovation and excellence in every market we serve.

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Comprehensive Service  

We are serving from all / to Egyptian ports...


Leveraging our expertise in multi-modal transportation, we are committed to driving global economic progress and development. We achieve this by:

  • Prioritizing our customers' needs and adapting to the evolving landscape.
  • Continuously innovating and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Maintaining an open and transparent management style guided by ethical and social responsibility.



At Nile Logistics & Trading, our top priority is delivering exceptional service quality to our customers. We achieve this by:

  • Providing timely and efficient solutions to help you optimize your foreign trade operations.
  • Offering you access to our extensive network of facilities, technology, and services.
  • Ensuring reliable transportation of your goods to and from major global destinations.

Our strong partnerships with railroads, trucking and shipping companies, both within and outside of Egypt, guarantee you a tailored solution for your specific needs. These strategic alliances offer you greater choice, convenience, and flexibility.


Our Target

At Nile Logistics & Trading, we are passionate about streamlining your supply chain and propelling your business forward. We achieve this by offering comprehensive, customized logistics solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Our extensive global network, coupled with innovative technology and unwavering commitment to excellence, empowers you to focus on your core business activities. Let us handle the logistics seamlessly, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation of your goods to any destination worldwide.

Partner with Nile Logistics & Trading and experience the difference of a dedicated logistics partner.


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